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I’m a DC United fan, it’s official now.

Screaming Eagles

Count me in.   I’m now considered a fan of a professional sports team.  What???  I know, this comes as a shock to me too!  I can candidly tell you that I never really expected to join any team but over the past few years, I’ve started to enjoy the game of football (not American Football) on a passionate level.  Each Saturday when DC United plays at RFK Stadium, you’ll find me and many other heathens, aka fans, hanging out and tailgating for hours in the parking lot before heading in to watch the game. The rawkus caused by the Screaming Eagles, Barra Brava, la Norte, and others add to the excitement in the stadium.  What completely sucks is that I am moving and therefore will not be able to purchase a season pass to help the club as well as the league.  So, there you go.

Sorry Murdock, I’m still going to download the matches online, not going to give you a dime (although I’m sure I already am.)

a catch 22 for the PRC

Free Tibet.I haven’t been able to read up on many recent Tibet issues today, basically there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot happening at this moment.  One can’t have too many expectations when the PRC has instituted what amounts to military law at numerous monasteries spread throughout Tibet, including Lhasa.

Time Magazine’s, Simon Elegant in Beijing, wrote a compelling article, “The High Cost of Control,” about what many of Tibet interest group heads have been saying regarding recent China/Tibet history and the recent protest with the run up to the Olympics.  Jiang of the University of Alberta shares in this article some of my  own sentiments,

This insecurity underlies the central government’s heavy-handed tactics and rhetoric, even though repression reduces the country’s stature in the global community. “When the rest of the world looks at China, they see this increasingly powerful and confident country spending more and more on its military, its economy booming, its financial power overseas growing,” says Jiang of the University of Alberta. “But when Chinese leadership looks at the country they see the exact opposite: weaknesses everywhere from Tibet to Xinjiang, to rising inflation and civil unrest, environmental disasters and corruption. So the overall mentality of the central authorities is very insecure and nervous.” Jiang argues that the only way to move toward a solution in Tibet is to negotiate with the Dalai Lama. But he says leaders are now trapped by their own words, which have fueled passionate nationalist sentiments among ordinary Chinese, who fervently believe that Tibet is Chinese territory. Any appearance of compromise by Beijing would likely be intolerable to the public, Jiang says.

Therein lies that catch 22.

The end of Simon’s article inspires me the most.  He summarizes what could be a real turning point of global opinions of China and journalists visiting during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The authorities will no doubt make it virtually impossible for journalists to enter Tibet in the months leading up to the Olympics. But it remains unclear exactly how they intend to deal with the estimated 30,000 foreign reporters expected to witness the event, all of them eager to take advantage of Beijing’s own regulations specifying that they can interview anyone Chinese who agrees to talk. “They still don’t have any idea what is going to hit them or how bad they will look to the outside world,” comments one senior Western academic who has close ties to the upper echelons of the Beijing establishment. If its conduct over the past year is anything to go by, Beijing’s instinctive reaction to new problems will be to use its heavy hand once more.

Only time will tell.. and hopefully it’s the truth…uncensored.

to bird view or not to bird view.

Live Search MapsThere seems to be a running theme with a couple of my friends as of late, it appears as though they’ve been holding out on me. Usually I’m the one sharing any great internet finds, which, lucky you, I’m getting around to sharing with everyone via this blog, but when something this cool comes along, an email or a IM would most certainly be expected from said friends. So it was a bit of a shocker when I just learned about this site.  The annoying part of this story is that I’ve told a few people about this and their response was something along the lines of “yeah, I know, I’ve been using it for awhile now.”  Lovely, shove it in my face.

For the past few years Google Maps has served my online map needs quite well. I left good ol’ MapQuest because they were not doing a good enough job keeping up-to-date with mapping tech. Now appear that someone has stepped up and over on Google the Great. A neat little site by Microsoft, Live Search Maps (June 2007) has really put to task high quality imaging (3.8 terabytes and counting) by adding a new feature; a 45 degree, multi-angle view they call ‘Bird View.’ This is wicked nice. Unlike the street level view of Google Maps, Bird View is available all over the world. It appears that a satellite can cover a lot more ground than a weird looking Google Van. (DuH!) Is Live Search Maps perfect, no, but it’s a hell of a lot better than anything currently available.. except, perhaps, National Intelligence Imagery, which rumor has it, is really hard to get access to.


A few days ago I wrote about the hysterical, GarfieldMinusGarfield site and a number of people have told me how much they enjoy this ‘new’ take on an old classic. So, in order to put a smile on your face, I give you one of my absolute favorite, smart, single panel comic, simply named, ‘Bunny.’ It’s Welsh-based author, Lem (Huw Davies) first started this comic, online August 22, 2004. While viewers can usually enjoy a new strip daily, don’t panic (it’s hard sometimes) Lem is in college and from time to time this lovely institution makes him take tests or something, so he neglects his readers and does his studies. Apparently he’s all over the place with regards to visual arts classes, but now he’s finally gone to a class on Capitalism. 😉

feline cunning and sods law

This artist has created something unlike any I have ever ran across. If you are disconnected from the world (which, c’mon, really isn’t necessarily a bad thing) then don’t feel bad as this comic is rife with pop culture references. It is very topical as well, so, if you miss a couple weeks and you’re not understanding the references, think back to the day it was released. Also, when you are online, hold your curor over the image, the Alt tags sometimes have additional witticisms added. Otherwise, delight in knowing that you have a new outlet for the funny. You’re welcome.

mr dns

While I’d like to say start at today’s comic, it may be a better idea to start from the beginning and work forward. Bunny has matured over the past 3 1/2 years, so, all the lovely characters would need to be introduced in order to understa— what am I talking about, you can try understand. Hell, sometimes I don’t get any of the references so I turn to my Bunny-ites over at the Bunny Forum who discuss the strips. It is here one will become…enlightened.

contains scenes of mild peril

Welcome to World of Bun.

Windsailing goes cargo…

Here’s a facinating story from, The Christian Science Monitor that I think is really compelling. Take a reeally big kite, add an electronic brain and rig it to a container ship and you can save 20% of fuel costs. Wow. Imagine if we’d thought of this earlier!

come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with guys.
come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.. you guys.

Check out the story, A Secret to Improving Ship Efficiency: Go Fly A Kite.

stoopd Egyptians.

silly PRC, what have I learned about you lately?

Those silly Chinese (gov’t types) are up to it again.. or should I say, have been up to it for YEARS.  It appears that since the inception of the Tibetan exile radio network some 12 years ago, China has been jamming their airwaves, preventing evening newscasts reaching those still in Tibet.  Not surprisingly, giving the nature of the beast, this is also disrupting those trying to hear broadcasts in India, Nepal and in Europe.

I was kinda shocked about learning that the “Voice of Tibet” (heeyyy, that name sounds awfully familiar!  😛 ) broadcasts on internationally registered frequencies which, you’ll never guess.. are allegedly protected by the International Telecommunications Union, an arm of.. the United Nations.  Asleep at the wheel again there, eh boys?  According to a few unconfirmable stories, the ITU has tried to stop the Chinese (probably a ‘strongly worded letter’) but I guess, gave up.  No reason given.

Well, given the recent uprisings in Tibet, China has now intensified the jamming by using two or three signals.. just to make sure the job gets done.

Go China Go!    Oppress China Oppress!    Sit back and watch China take over the world  whoever-is-reading-my-blog sit  back and watch China take over the world!
Here’s the story on the AP.

and… here’s a link to examples of the jammings.


here’s a link to some other countries and their jammings.

New American Treasure, No Foolin’

It would appear that this great nation of our has a new National Treasure, as defined by Brent Glass.

On the January 14th episode, Mr. Glass, director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History told Steven Colbert that his portrait, ‘Steven Colbert with a portrait of Steven Colbert in a portrait of Steven Colbert,’ which hung in his New York City studio where his Emmy Award winning TV Show, ‘The Colbert Report’ is taped four (4) night a week, was not worthy of being added to the “Treasures of American History” exhibit in the Air and Space Museum. Luckily he was able to convince the lovely folks at the National Portrait Gallery to hang his portrait (SCwapoSCiapoSC) just outside the Hall of Presidents, steps from our first General and President, George Washington.

It’s this author’s opinion that because of the amount of people visiting the portrait, Mr. Glass had a change of heart. Interesting.. a late night tv show can actually get those ‘couch potatoes’ off there butts and visit a museum. So, Steven gets a phoner on the Atone Phone from Brent Glass offering to add his portrait to the “Treasures of American History” exhibit.

So, there you are, our nation has a new American Treasure. Mr. Glass said so. This is all terrific news, however, you only have until April 13th to get to the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC to see his portrait.

Out of town, don’t like cities, can’t make it.. that’s okay, you can enjoy all the pictures from the National Portrait Gallery here. I expect to be able to have my photos of Steven Colbert’s portrait at the Air and Space Museum this Saturday when I’ll be in the city.. stay tuned!

Happy Harry Harddrive.

Donn Edwards in Johannesburg, South Africa put up a request on his blog for people to post the best defragging software and he would test it.  Although not scientific in a lab sense of the word, he goes through astounding lengths to make it as fair and concise as possible.  So, for all of those (ahem, almost everyone I know) who do not defrag… ever… please dial your browser over to Insights and Rants and check out “The Great Defrag Shootout