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I break the green ring!

Okay Starbucks, you win. Â Game over. Â I started with my account back with you guys back in June 2008 and now, 21 months later, I’m throwing in the towel.

I order the exact same drink, every day. Â To be honest, when I rattle off my favorite beverage, “venti soy chai, no water, […]

Jarritos (Made in Mexico) crash…

Swinging through the grocery store, in need of some spinach tortillas, I saw some new (to me) beverage on special in the store. Almost every time I go shopping, I try to pick up something new.. and this had all the qualities I look for. First, it’s a beverage. This is perfect because I don’t […]

Audi just gave me a stiffy

‘nuf said

Check out the whole review of the Audi R8 at

it’s starts at a measly $118,000, gets a global warming good 15 miles per gallon (thank god it’s not diesel) with it’s all-wheel drive goodness. But at least it beat the pants off a damn Landrover Discovery I know (50% better, […]