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Windsailing goes cargo…

Here’s a facinating story from, The Christian Science Monitor that I think is really compelling. Take a reeally big kite, add an electronic brain and rig it to a container ship and you can save 20% of fuel costs. Wow. Imagine if we’d thought of this earlier!

come sail away, come sail away, come […]

New American Treasure, No Foolin’

It would appear that this great nation of our has a new National Treasure, as defined by Brent Glass.

On the January 14th episode, Mr. Glass, director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History told Steven Colbert that his portrait, ‘Steven Colbert with a portrait of Steven Colbert in a portrait of Steven Colbert,’ […]

Happy Harry Harddrive.

Donn Edwards in Johannesburg, South Africa put up a request on his blog for people to post the best defragging software and he would test it. Although not scientific in a lab sense of the word, he goes through astounding lengths to make it as fair and concise as possible. So, for all of those […]

FOXNews (Murdock et al.) has someone to learn from..

As much as I despise Fox News, I believe I’ve found an even worse ‘news agency,’ Xinhua, aka China View. What they deem as news is pure, utter propaganda. Due to the recent Tibetan unrest, I find myself trolling around the internet, mainly and getting feeds from all over the world. The articles […]

I’m positive too.. we’re becoming irrelevant.

Bouncing around news sites.. actually, I believe it was, an article caught my eye that reflects how completely irrelevant we as a nation are really becoming. There are so many problems in the world and we’re still fighting people at the border for shit that doesn’t matter anymore. unbelievable. Check out the article from […]

Something old made completely new.

Some very creative person who has WAYY too much time on their hands found something completely amazing in old ‘Garfield’ comics. The people at GarfieldMinusGarfield have discovered that if you remove Garfield from the strip, you’re left with a Jon Arbuckle that has some serious psychological issues. The result is a great cartoon..finally.

The […]

Let’s all just stop pretending..

Face it. America is turning into a bunch of touchy, feely retards. It’s quite– wait.. I don’t want to offend retards now do I, oops, my bad… whimps? Can I still use whimps? Christ!…. Seriously…fix this!

I just got done reading an article off the Reuters Wire on Yahoo News and it’s quite possibly some […]

Don’t wanna be a ‘hack’

I really don’t want to be one of those blogger ‘hacks’ that just post links and videos up on their blog. I have a LOT of original content in the draft phase that will be released, eventually. Having made two (2) sky-diving jumps (both outside of Las Vegas), this one realllly got to me. Luckily […]