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In the market for a new home?

It would appear that some sellers have gone to great lengths to ‘attract’ buyers to their properties. This is one such case I ran across the other day.. I had to post.

My favorite part is how the multi-colored pennant flags..fantastic.

note to self

Trader Joe’s Sliced Soy Cheese.. not Vegan


2nd ingredient, Casein. DUH!

and also, NOT VEGAN

That’s right, MorningStar Farms Bacon Strips. Why…well let’s just say, the #1 ingredient is, egg whites.

I am an ass.

So, to my very dear Vegan friends whom I totally screwed up dinner for…if you ever […]

Religulous in four words.

Watch it. Funny shit.

Reuters + Twitter = YUCK!

So, i’ve been an active Twitterer for quite some time, long before it was ‘hip and cool’ with its popularity becoming disgustingly mainstream. About 2 months ago I started following Reuters, thinking that a great news agency would be a smart choice as most online news outlets use them to get their “news.” Apparently Reuters […]

Jarritos (Made in Mexico) crash…

Swinging through the grocery store, in need of some spinach tortillas, I saw some new (to me) beverage on special in the store. Almost every time I go shopping, I try to pick up something new.. and this had all the qualities I look for. First, it’s a beverage. This is perfect because I don’t […]

Garfield minus Garfield follow-up..

guess I am that “last to know” guy… when it comes to the Garfield Minus Garfield site. While following some links from a tweet, an article posted in the Washington Post came up.

Last March I posted that I thought that once the fine folks at Garfield would see this site, a cease and […]

current view

not really tired… and I need to be asleep. too much on my mind. thought i would share the less-than-snowy view outside. We received a good amount of snow, but it’s all melting now. Bah!

View of street outside.


Show me the mmoonney!

If you are anything like me, I hate, HATE bank fees, ATM fees and every other possible charge only a lawyer with an accounting degree could imagine. I do everything to avoid them. There are times where even mere mortals have made silly mistakes and were charged on our bank accounts for it. Most […]