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Whatcha’ listenin’ to?

With my 2010 Music Experience Experiment I continue to be exposed to some awesome artists that I would have, most likely, been completely blind to. Using SU I hit “A Babe Musician Creates A Looping Song From Violens And Drums Then Puts Her Unusual Voice Into The Mix” and as a guy, what am I […]

Great underwater photography..

Yesterday when I was trying to find the name of monastery on the cliff (The Monastery of Tatev), I stumbled upon a handful of awesome pics. I wanted to share these two photos because of the level of difficulty executing such great work.


Fire up the jet..

After spending the better part of my morning sorting and reorganizing my bookmarks (synced with xmarks) I ran across an old link,

The Monastery of Tatev, Armenia aka 3012819_large.jpg

Unfortunately, there is no additional info with this photo. I did some basic searches… and even Google Goggled it on my Drooooiid. Nada. […]

post office box score!

I haven’t been to my Post Office box in awhile, so I decided it was time to go and kill two birds with one stone. I’d have a bunch of crap out of my box, and the postmaster could now do her job and fill it back up. Low and behold however, on this day, […]

Oh Starbucks, what will it take?

So, lucky me, it’s my birthday! Â As any good starbuckaroo know, on your birthday you receive a drink.

A Free Drink on your Birthday

All registered Starbucks Card holders get a handcrafted birthday beverage of their choice. My Starbucks Rewards will make you feel special all year long, but for this one day you’re […]

out in WV for St. Patrick’s Weekend Luau at Timberline

Hey everyone. I’m out in good ol’ West Virginee. Each year Doug puts together a ski weekend at Timberline Four Seasons Resort and this year proves to be a big one.

I’m hooked up in one of the best houses we’ve ever stayed in. Thought I would share some pics.

Kitchen at Alpha House


St Paddy’s Day has arrived

Literally. For the first time, I went online to purchase beads for the 2010 St Pattys Day Luau Weekend in WV at Timberline Four Seasons Resort. Â I usually find beads and other holiday kitsch in a local discount store, but for whatever reason, all the St. Patrick’s Day gear was heavily picked through. Â […]

I break the green ring!

Okay Starbucks, you win. Â Game over. Â I started with my account back with you guys back in June 2008 and now, 21 months later, I’m throwing in the towel.

I order the exact same drink, every day. Â To be honest, when I rattle off my favorite beverage, “venti soy chai, no water, […]