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Oh Starbucks, what will it take?

So, lucky me, it’s my birthday!  As any good starbuckaroo know, on your birthday you receive a drink.

A Free Drink on your Birthday

All registered Starbucks Card holders get a handcrafted birthday beverage of their choice. My Starbucks Rewards will make you feel special all year long, but for this one day you’re extra special.

I went to the same store that I took forever trying to get my order right, but in the end, abandoned.  The manager recognized me right away per I had spoke to him on Friday when I visited this Starbucks with a friend.  First he honored the “free pastry day” promo, even though it was 10:40am and asked what my drink was.  I said, whatever size the free birthday one was, as it was my birthday.  He said not to worry, that he would make anything.  I gave him my order, “Venti, Soy Chai, no water, no foam, 150 degrees.”

He repeated my order to the barista who, ironically, I’d never seen before.  Perhaps he was from another store.  I thanked the manager as he turned to help another customer.

Wouldn’t you know it, just watching him.  No thermometer.  Working on another drink.  Steaming cycle finishes.  Just boil my soy away.

He lids it, starts to hand it up to the pass, repeating the order.

“Venti Soy Chai.”
“150?” I inquired.

Of course, now he realized that step was omitted.  He rinsed off a thermometer and held it in the paper cup, where it had already blended in with the chai mix.  Brilliant.

Store manager walks back over.  As he does, I give him one of those, “whadda gonna do,” or the exasperated, “nothing new here” looks.

“It’s about 145 degrees” the barista said.
“Fine, don’t worry about it.”

what am I going to do, bitch about a free Venti?

He finishes up removing the foam and replacing it with more soy.  Yeah, he missed that part too.

Thanks Starbucks.

Yes, it was “extra special”ly bad.  Wish I’d bitched about a free Venti.

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