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I break the green ring!

Okay Starbucks, you win.  Game over.  I started with my account back with you guys back in June 2008 and now, 21 months later, I’m throwing in the towel.

I order the exact same drink, every day.  To be honest, when I rattle off my favorite beverage, “venti soy chai, no water, no foam, 150 degrees,” I feel a bit silly, but really, it’s not that difficult.  Broken down, it’s interpreted as a big boy soy drink at 150 degrees.  Each and every store I’ve frequented enough to train the staff on my drink, by being patient, day in, day out, to get my order right, in the end, they revert back to whatever habit that I was trying to change, namely, being lazy.  It’s blatantly obvious that my order is going to be wrong when the machine is set at 180 or on the other side, 165, and the steamer runs the full cycle.  Or, when I drive away, waiting for my drink to cool and eventually realize I am drinking milk milk!  This is one that really baffles me.  Starbucks offers three different kinds of cows milk, mine says “S,” for soy, so what milk option can you confuse with that???  By the time I realize this error, I’m too far away from the original store, which then forces me to awkwardly go into another store and explain the incompetence of the Starbucks employee from where I came.  Most baristas are happy to help, but I have met some resistance before.  And yes, my cup is generally full.

So, this is it.  I’m done.  Why should have I have to suggest to baristas that they should shake up the box of soy milk, to help even out the settling of particulates?  This doesn’t bother me so much when the box is already open, but for crying out loud, when opening new, shake the damn thing!  Also, I specifically asked for 150 degrees, at least pretend you care.  If I burn my mouth because of laziness, I’m not going to be keen to be super polite, especially if you know I order the same damn drink, every day, at the same store!

Starbucks patrons are a picky lot, and for the price I pay, all I ask is to be presented what I order.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Starbucks cannot seem to, for me, accomplish this simple objective.  This is probably a blessing is disguise anyway.  I could use the extra few hundred bucks each year.  I love hot tazo chai with my stevia, hard to beat, and for the cost, mere pennies per cup.

For Christmas, I specifically asked for the Starbucks (RED) card so when I drank my venti chai, I could also help the support communities in Africa.  Well, now I can donate a lot more than what Starbucks is donating in the new savings of not going there.  Btw, it’s 5 cents an order.

To those who know me best, no, this is not a ban on Starbucks.  The point is, I will never spend my money there again.  You want to go and cover me, I’m not going to turn you down.  Cheers!  Also, I will pop in Starbucks from time to time, to get on the internet somewhere in the U.S., no problemo, I’ll just carry my teabags and ask them to fill up my stainless steel Starbucks mug (which I love) with hot water so I can steep it at a table and enjoy my chai, free!

There you go, adios Starbucks!

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