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We can’t make decisions..

no, seriously, we can’t.

A buddy of mine just sent me this article from, “The USAToday” based upon research from a Pew Survey.  What I find entertaining is, why anyone would find this surprising at all.  Let’s see, we’re born and bred to do as little as possible, complain as much as possible (or with great gusto as the southerners are  notorious for) and when in doubt, sue… sue, sue, sue.  Why?  Because Americans have this wonderful ability to shirk responsibility unless utterly and absolutely necessary, say, with feet held in a fire.. and even then, it’s only half of a concession.  Boy do we like to save our very large round face.

More Americans would rather live in a place with more McDonald’s than one with more Starbucks.

So, with this in mind, is it any wonder that when times get tough, we want to run off somewhere else, all-the-while saying “that place sucked” or what have you.   I concede Detroit..everywhere else, is well, according to this study and the Americans in it, sucks.

There you go Onion, run with that, “Pew: Almost half of Americans say their half of this country sucks

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