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If you are anything like me, I hate, HATE bank fees, ATM fees and every other possible charge only a lawyer with an accounting degree could imagine.  I do everything to avoid them.  There are times where even mere mortals have made silly mistakes and were charged on our bank accounts for it.  Most people, of course, will deny that they knew anything about being charged, or that a payment was late, or not going to be paid, or whatever (had a job in credit, believe me, i’ve heard a ton of stories.)  Lucky for some, no excuse needed.

If you have or have had a Bank of America account, you may have a little “economic stimulus” of $78.00 (max) coming your way.  It seems that BofA lawyers have made a settlement in a class-action lawsuit for administering fees improperly.

Read all about it here, a SmartMoney article.

and don’t be a procrastinator, you have until May 1st, 2009

Back at ya BoA!

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