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China’s pressure on ‘independent’ media

Trying to keep up with all the interesting revelations occurring around the world with regards to Tibet, I found a blogger from Taiwan who elaborates on the difficulties of working in the media there, citing one specific example.

I’ve been discussing my recent angst about working as a tool to the Chinese propaganda machine, even from an independently owned media company.  While I don’t feel the mainstream U.S. media is any less victimized by its alignment with government information sources, in our country we have the right to choose to hear our own perverted news the way we like it.  It is the distinct lack of choice here, the standard of un-informing the masses in order to maintain control, that troubles me.   It’s fascinating, really, to consider both countries’ ability to manipulate news with a dichotomy between those who choose to be misinformed and those who are systematically uninformed.

His article is quick, but shows what lengths are gone through to paint the best possible picture for China without exactly lying.  No wonder why we do so much business with China, no wonder why we have a huge trade deficit with them.

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