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to bird view or not to bird view.

Live Search MapsThere seems to be a running theme with a couple of my friends as of late, it appears as though they’ve been holding out on me. Usually I’m the one sharing any great internet finds, which, lucky you, I’m getting around to sharing with everyone via this blog, but when something this cool comes along, an email or a IM would most certainly be expected from said friends. So it was a bit of a shocker when I just learned about this site.  The annoying part of this story is that I’ve told a few people about this and their response was something along the lines of “yeah, I know, I’ve been using it for awhile now.”  Lovely, shove it in my face.

For the past few years Google Maps has served my online map needs quite well. I left good ol’ MapQuest because they were not doing a good enough job keeping up-to-date with mapping tech. Now appear that someone has stepped up and over on Google the Great. A neat little site by Microsoft, Live Search Maps (June 2007) has really put to task high quality imaging (3.8 terabytes and counting) by adding a new feature; a 45 degree, multi-angle view they call ‘Bird View.’ This is wicked nice. Unlike the street level view of Google Maps, Bird View is available all over the world. It appears that a satellite can cover a lot more ground than a weird looking Google Van. (DuH!) Is Live Search Maps perfect, no, but it’s a hell of a lot better than anything currently available.. except, perhaps, National Intelligence Imagery, which rumor has it, is really hard to get access to.

2 comments to to bird view or not to bird view.

  • You’re welcome! 🙂 You just gotta keep up with these things, believe it or not, it was my DAD that showed the Live Maps to be, specifically the Bird’s Eye feature. He was playing around with it and thinks he found himself driving down the highway in Cincinnati when he worked down there.

  • I like Live Maps. Just habit I use Google. I wish Livemaps had a Google Earth-like tool. I think that’d turn the tide.

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