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A few days ago I wrote about the hysterical, GarfieldMinusGarfield site and a number of people have told me how much they enjoy this ‘new’ take on an old classic. So, in order to put a smile on your face, I give you one of my absolute favorite, smart, single panel comic, simply named, ‘Bunny.’ It’s Welsh-based author, Lem (Huw Davies) first started this comic, online August 22, 2004. While viewers can usually enjoy a new strip daily, don’t panic (it’s hard sometimes) Lem is in college and from time to time this lovely institution makes him take tests or something, so he neglects his readers and does his studies. Apparently he’s all over the place with regards to visual arts classes, but now he’s finally gone to a class on Capitalism. 😉

feline cunning and sods law

This artist has created something unlike any I have ever ran across. If you are disconnected from the world (which, c’mon, really isn’t necessarily a bad thing) then don’t feel bad as this comic is rife with pop culture references. It is very topical as well, so, if you miss a couple weeks and you’re not understanding the references, think back to the day it was released. Also, when you are online, hold your curor over the image, the Alt tags sometimes have additional witticisms added. Otherwise, delight in knowing that you have a new outlet for the funny. You’re welcome.

mr dns

While I’d like to say start at today’s comic, it may be a better idea to start from the beginning and work forward. Bunny has matured over the past 3 1/2 years, so, all the lovely characters would need to be introduced in order to understa— what am I talking about, you can try understand. Hell, sometimes I don’t get any of the references so I turn to my Bunny-ites over at the Bunny Forum who discuss the strips. It is here one will become…enlightened.

contains scenes of mild peril

Welcome to World of Bun.

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