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silly PRC, what have I learned about you lately?

Those silly Chinese (gov’t types) are up to it again.. or should I say, have been up to it for YEARS.  It appears that since the inception of the Tibetan exile radio network some 12 years ago, China has been jamming their airwaves, preventing evening newscasts reaching those still in Tibet.  Not surprisingly, giving the nature of the beast, this is also disrupting those trying to hear broadcasts in India, Nepal and in Europe.

I was kinda shocked about learning that the “Voice of Tibet” (heeyyy, that name sounds awfully familiar!  😛 ) broadcasts on internationally registered frequencies which, you’ll never guess.. are allegedly protected by the International Telecommunications Union, an arm of.. the United Nations.  Asleep at the wheel again there, eh boys?  According to a few unconfirmable stories, the ITU has tried to stop the Chinese (probably a ‘strongly worded letter’) but I guess, gave up.  No reason given.

Well, given the recent uprisings in Tibet, China has now intensified the jamming by using two or three signals.. just to make sure the job gets done.

Go China Go!    Oppress China Oppress!    Sit back and watch China take over the world  whoever-is-reading-my-blog sit  back and watch China take over the world!
Here’s the story on the AP.

and… here’s a link to examples of the jammings.


here’s a link to some other countries and their jammings.

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