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New American Treasure, No Foolin’

It would appear that this great nation of our has a new National Treasure, as defined by Brent Glass.

On the January 14th episode, Mr. Glass, director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History told Steven Colbert that his portrait, ‘Steven Colbert with a portrait of Steven Colbert in a portrait of Steven Colbert,’ which hung in his New York City studio where his Emmy Award winning TV Show, ‘The Colbert Report’ is taped four (4) night a week, was not worthy of being added to the “Treasures of American History” exhibit in the Air and Space Museum. Luckily he was able to convince the lovely folks at the National Portrait Gallery to hang his portrait (SCwapoSCiapoSC) just outside the Hall of Presidents, steps from our first General and President, George Washington.

It’s this author’s opinion that because of the amount of people visiting the portrait, Mr. Glass had a change of heart. Interesting.. a late night tv show can actually get those ‘couch potatoes’ off there butts and visit a museum. So, Steven gets a phoner on the Atone Phone from Brent Glass offering to add his portrait to the “Treasures of American History” exhibit.

So, there you are, our nation has a new American Treasure. Mr. Glass said so. This is all terrific news, however, you only have until April 13th to get to the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC to see his portrait.

Out of town, don’t like cities, can’t make it.. that’s okay, you can enjoy all the pictures from the National Portrait Gallery here. I expect to be able to have my photos of Steven Colbert’s portrait at the Air and Space Museum this Saturday when I’ll be in the city.. stay tuned!

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