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Kanzius changing the world.

I love hearing stories of “happy little accidents” in the world of inventing and on April 13th ‘60 Minutes‘ did a story on John Kanzius telling of a potential life and world changing device. His invention, with it’s early beginnings developed from his wife’s pie pans, has the greatest potential to possibly cure, or eliminate […]

Audi just gave me a stiffy

‘nuf said

Check out the whole review of the Audi R8 at

it’s starts at a measly $118,000, gets a global warming good 15 miles per gallon (thank god it’s not diesel) with it’s all-wheel drive goodness. But at least it beat the pants off a damn Landrover Discovery I know (50% better, […]

child’s family photo response to Doug.

Yesterday Doug over at eDoug posted some images of himself from a web camera from his Apple computer. This ‘maverick’ thought he was impressing the blogworld with these silly, carnival fun-house like images.

Guess not.


okay, I’m being silly.. but not as silly as “The Sun” in England.


China’s pressure on ‘independent’ media

Trying to keep up with all the interesting revelations occurring around the world with regards to Tibet, I found a blogger from Taiwan who elaborates on the difficulties of working in the media there, citing one specific example.

I’ve been discussing my recent angst about working as a tool to the Chinese propaganda machine, even […]

What the f*ck Verizon?

I love my Treo. LOVE IT. Unfortunately our days of companionship are numbered. For the past couple months my Treo has been slowly dying. Every few days I don’t hear from people, specifically via Text Messaging or MMS. I’ve learned that when I feel lonely, I restart my phone and voila, messages, lots of them. […]

I’m a DC United fan, it’s official now.

Count me in.  I’m now considered a fan of a professional sports team. What??? I know, this comes as a shock to me too! I can candidly tell you that I never really expected to join any team but over the past few years, I’ve started to enjoy the game of football (not […]

a catch 22 for the PRC

I haven’t been able to read up on many recent Tibet issues today, basically there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot happening at this moment. One can’t have too many expectations when the PRC has instituted what amounts to military law at numerous monasteries spread throughout Tibet, including Lhasa.

Time Magazine’s, Simon Elegant in […]

to bird view or not to bird view.

There seems to be a running theme with a couple of my friends as of late, it appears as though they’ve been holding out on me. Usually I’m the one sharing any great internet finds, which, lucky you, I’m getting around to sharing with everyone via this blog, but when something this cool comes along, […]