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Blaine this!

So, I spent the wee hours this morning playing the hottest game in America. Waste time IMing friends funny/stoopid/cool videos from all across the internet.. well in this round has lasted 3 hours (Gtalking a movie) covering a myriad of sites and finally is going to end with a couple people poking fun at David […]

Impressive Video of the Week.

It’s Monday morning.. 12 minutes in and I’ve probably already got the Impressive Video of the Week for you.. enjoy.

Call up your Sultan friends.. 24 hours left to buy the car of your dreams!

Since I don’t have any Sultan, Sheikh or any of those hedge fund big wig friends… I thought I’d invite you all to buy the car that I cannot. I’m just a few bucks shy and with all the driving infractions of late, I’m not in the mood to give more money to insurance companies […]

Do I need a FOIA request to access public information??

While in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, I incidently parked on a side of a street that was going to be cleaned that day. Lucky me, I was issued a ticket, in the rain. Lovely. Good news, it’s only $50.00 California Dollars, whereas if you are issued a ticket in DC, you’re looking at […]

cultural recreation in Venezuela.

A new prodigy music conductor has hit the ‘scene’ in LA. Gustavo Dudamel from Venezuela has brought a new energy to classical music performances, as well as ticket sales. His complete immersion into the music he conducts brings something entirely new and invigorating to this centuries old genre. Another wonderful piece from ‘60 Minutes‘


Who’s next you ask? Ohio, again.. Stark County specifically..

It seems like Law Enforcement week here on my lil’ blog. I’m pro-police and all it’s just been facinating reading all these different stories as of late. I’ll let you drill down into the story of a lady who calls the Stark County Police Dept only to get arrested and strip searched.. illegally. That is, […]

First Best Buy, now Circuit City.. who’s next?

So, trolling online I came across a story about someone not wanting to present their receipt to the Loss Prevention (LP) folks that now man stations right inside the doors of most box retailers. It’s always been annoying but I’ve usually complied, just for simplicity sake.

One guy decided that he wasn’t about to […]

Best Buy starts acting like its former competitors.

This is the main reason why I almost NEVER get the additional anything (warranty, etc) at these box stores.. it’s a waste.

Normally I think that people are trying to sham companies when filing ‘frivolous’ lawsuits but with this amazing story, we all can relate/understand this Best Buy consumer’s story. Â I wish her […]