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Dec 20th – Slow and Steady

With the last game before the holidays, Slow and Steady work hard and have a few message after the game.

Part One


Part Two


How well do you know your world?>>

well.. a buddy of mine sent this to me about an hour ago and I haven’t stopped playing.. so.. good luck and don’t waste to much time learnin’.

Looking to get into blogging?

Seems like the folks at AN Hosting have a kick ass deal going on specifically for bloggers. Check em out.

whoa! Too much… everything for the family blog? Is the new baby pics on your blog not going to garner the 5 Tera bytes available to you at AN Hosting? Then hop on […]

free recipe for you.

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’d made anything in my Virginia house, but today I made my absolute favorite. People always tell me how yummy this recipe is so, when I make it, I triple everything so that many others benefit.

MattBob’s Tunafish 1 small tin of tuna (spring water) 1/2 cup chopped […]

DivX Pro for free. YAY!

Hey, Just got a word from a buddy over at Hyperial and he sent the link over to me. It seems like the fine folks at DivX, Inc. love spreading holiday cheer. As a red-blooded American who loves receiving corporate freebies, nothing says appreciation more than passing it along for others to enjoy. Without further […]

McDonald’s to uphold its ‘Fast Food’ moniker.

Recent reports in England states that numerous McDonald’s are charging parking fees to customers patronizing their restaurants for more than 45 minutes. Guess that means no more birthday parties at ol’ Mickey D’s (thank god for that.)

Read all about it at the DailyMail: