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I make it to Harpers Ferry!!!

Matt at the ATC HQ in Harpers Ferry WV

except, i did it in a car. 🙁

Since I learned that I was not going to be able to hike the Appalachian Trail this year, I decided that I would go to the ATC (Appalachian Trail Conference Conservancy) HQ in Harpers Ferry to pick up additional information. Plus, I was in a real need of a road trip. So I grabbed my friend Tara and we checked out the town.

First things learned first. The ATC is NOT opened on the weekends.. not until mid-May. WTF? Grr. Oh, speaking of personal frustrations.. I also forgot my National Park passport, D’OH! So, now, when I go back, I have to back to the visitors center and do some back dating… hopefully I won’t forget.

Since we went at the beginning of March, we practically owned the place.. there were only a handful of people. It’ll be interesting to visit in the summer. Also, in March, the place is FRIGID!!!!! The wind is very similar to that along the Potomac River in Washington DC, right along the mall..

Tara and I walked around the town, jumping in and out of various shops and, as one may have guessed, I had to check out the local outfitters, aptley named, The Outfitters at Harpers Ferry. I chatted with the lone employee about AT stuffs and this and that, he said that he’d hiked sections of the trail and that would maybe hike the whole thing one day. As Tara and I wondered around, sifting through the bargin bins (best get em before thru hikers eh?), I educated her on the various gear and purposes. While checking out, I learned that this was the employee’s third day! I have to admit, I felt a bit cheated. He’d spoke as tho’ he’d been there for some considerable amount of time. Very disheartening. Moving on.

Of course, I had to get some shots on the trail..

Matt on the AT in Harpers Ferry WV

Then we found this wicked old church that people seem to like to climb on.

Old church on AT in Harpers Ferry

Here’s Tara hanging out in the archway (presumably at the front of the church)

Tara in old church archway in Harpers Ferry WV

me just chillin’

Matt in old church overlook

and finally, here’s an ad posted in the General Store.. wish prices were still the same!

old store ad

$4.00 for a gallon of Whiskey… sweet.

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