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snow more…

This past weekend I spent my last days riding with friends at Timberline Four Season Resort in West Virginia. Phil and Liza were the first to make it to our house, slope side, off Salamander (gotta love those ski in ski out places.) Shortly after they arrived we suited up to head out for some night skiing. We didn’t make it too far before Deanna, Dennis and Dave showed up. After getting caught up they made their way to opening beers and catching up while Phil, Liza and I were on the slopes. Conditions were good, zero wind (most excellent) and decent snow. Fortunately, the crews were not blowing any snow.. the forecast was that we would see high snowfall totals overnight.

Phil and Liza on lift at midway station

(Phil and Liza on lift at Mid-station)

When we finally returned home from night skiing, everyone made for the hot tub to continue to enjoy their tasty beverages. Also, we were met by CJ and Adam who’d also arrived while we were out. Half the group stayed up late into the morning before crashing/passing out. The rest was well deserved. Woke up to newly fallen snow.. not much, but it was snowing and would not stop until late Sunday night, only to pick back up early Monday morning… when we were leaving. I took my time getting ready to go out while Doug, CJ, Adam got an early start. Phil waxed his board and I, finally, changed out my bindings on my snowboard. The straps on my Drake bindings were starting to give me problems so during demo days (some months earlier) at Ski Chalet I purchased a new set of Ride bindings. They are this year’s model and they came highly recommended. Glad I took the advice.

Doug and CJ on Salamander

(Doug and CJ on Salamander)

Phil and Liza on top of mountain

(Phil and Liza on top of the mountain)

We skied a majority part of the day until I made a huge error in judgment. Because our house is below the trail, you have to climb down the snow bank to reach the ‘road’ to the house. Why step out (of your bindings) when you can ride down, no? Luckily I cleared two obstacles, however, I didn’t see the small limestone culvert covered in snow. My snowboard sustained a serious injury from this encounter. It would require about 1 hour of operation and 12 hours of recovery before we’d be able to play in the snow again. Hrmph. Snowboard injury

(my poor snowboard 🙁 )

Saturday night, the group of us hung out and watched a few movies.. some drank, some slept.. we were just exhausted from the great conditions we had all day long. All day Saturday, as well as all through the night, dumped more snow on the trail. I was eager to get going. Woke up Phil (he was already up, miracle) and made it out before 9am. Yea! The conditions were most excellent.. I believe that they were the best conditions since I’ve been going to Timberline. We skied all day long.. meeting up with different people from the house intermittently. Phil and I were playing the the terrain park. I’ve come the conclusion that, whoever is skiing, is not reading. Park etiquette is (usually) detrimental to the safety to all those who are going through. Unfortunately, most amateurs and most skiers do not recognize this. As I am sitting on the snow waiting to ‘drop in,’ people just go straight on the runs without calling or observing what’s going on. Very annoying. At one point, I was dropping in on a box and as I am approaching the box (20-30 feet), a patroller comes down, cuts in on me to drop in… I was on my approach!!! This is a very eff’d up move, without question. Patrollers are the people who are supposed to enforce these rules. Needless to say, I was pissed because one, that was a shit move and two, now I have to stop (because I wasn’t going to risk injury to myself or others) and I didn’t have enough room to get good speed to hit the jump correctly. As he cut me off I started in on him. I was yelling the whole time he was riding. No, it was not kid-friendly language either. Not that I am proud of it, but I wished him to wipe out on the jump, seconds before hitting the element. “Wipe out you stupid F*&K.” And he did. Luckily, he was not physically injured, but I know his pride was.. he sulked away very quickly. Hindsight, I should have gave chase and let him know that what he did was not appreciated, but I was just more dumbfounded at the retard than anything else. Liza went back to the house to get her and Phil packed up, they were leaving Sunday afternoon for NoVA. Phil and I made our last few runs, met up with Doug and then I dropped Phil off at the house before going back out and meeting up with Dennis and Dave. A couple hours later, we’d all be in the warm confines of our trail side house.
Ski conditions all day Sunday were spectacular. There were some places where riders and skiers had scraped away the snow.. but that made the going downhill so much faster… all the more better. Mostly, on the outside of the trail and through the trees were the best places to find good stashed of fluffy white powder… a snowboarders dream. Ahhhhh….

Woke up on Monday morning to not only additional snow… but it was still snowing! Worse yet.. there was practically NO ONE on the slopes… no lift lines, blasé new runs… awh man!! I really sucked leaving. Maybe it was that I knew it really was my last trip of the year… at least it was a good one with great friends!

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