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Brandi Carlile plays Rams Head in Annapolis, MD

Brandi Carlile at Rams Head Tavern

The last time I saw Brandi was at Rams Head LIVE! in Baltimore, MD last on October 20th, 2005, it was great to see her play again. A couple smaller bands opened for her, the first being a 17 year old who seems to have a good idea of where he’s headed and then The Wood Brothers followed. They played a nice size set and jammed with power and soul. So much so, I purchased their live cd, “The Wood Brothers – Live at Tonic” for a paltry $10 bux. Nice.

Fate can be fun!

I’m a bit different when I do things… due to my schedule, I was not certain if I was going to be able to even go. Fortunately, one of my clients rescheduled a meeting and I found myself with the evening to go out. I zipped off to Annapolis to the show. Upon arriving I was shocked to see that the show was sold out! Not that I don’t doubt Brandi’s selling ability, but how fast it sold out. Hrmph. So, I stood around like a chump, chatting with people and hitting on chicks to get a ticket (no ticket, but I got a photo gig with a Baltimore band, bonus!) As I was standing and chatting with people, a guy came up and told me that he had a ticket available… seems as though his female companion was not going to be able to attend the show.. damn! So, I slapped down a Hamilton and I was in the show! Even better… the seats were in the second ‘row’ of tables. Double bonus. See? Fate can be fun.

Brandi came out minutes before 10pm and played like a banshee on crack being run through a diesel powered wood chipper.. the house was on their feet!! IT WAS ON!!

WHAT??? You were believing that crap? Sheesh.

If you know anything about Folksey Jazzy Blues.. that was not how it went. The crowd was definitely anticipating her and she did not disappoint. There was a certain chill with the crowd having been woo’d by the previous artists that amped everyone, including Brandi. I don’t remember the set list but it was largely composed of songs from her self-titled album. Halfway through the show, she told a story of how she had met/played with Patty Reece who had a friend of hers on tenor, Ron Holloway. Anyway, she brought him up and he played for a couple songs, jamming with the band. He added a wonderful dimension of what Brandi Carlile is and at the same time, could be. Good stuff. He would later rejoin Brandi for her solo encore.

Brandi sings

After the show, I reacquainted myself with Brandi. She remembered that I was photographer and that my name was Steve. One out of two ain’t bad. I told her that I wanted to shoot her on Feb 14th at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. She said no problem, called over her manager and I was on the list. Sweet. We’ll see what happens next.

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