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..and the hits keep on coming..

So, after the fiasco yesterday and the root canal.. more ‘great’ news.  Let me catch you up.

Here at work, when someone retires or resigns, that office will normally take them out for a nice lunch.  Since I’d been
working here for a long time (1999), I figured that a really good place was in order.. something unlike what everyone
else does.  I chose Cafe Asia in the city as my go to place… it’s trendy, the food is good and the sushi even better.
I went around the office and everyone thought it was a great idea, except for the fact that it would be a 2 hour lunch…
something not well recieved.  I’ve never cared for the word “no,” so I proceeded to ask my boss’s boss to clear us for
the mid-afternoon festivities.

Me: “Hey Scott, I was wondering what the possibilities would be for us to be able to travel a little for my going away

Boss: “You’re not going anywhere.”

Me: “No, I meant at the end of the month, for my going away lunch.”

Boss: “You’re not going anywhere.”

Me: “I’d worked all the April hours and worked it out with Lukas so that I could leave at the end of March.”

Boss: “I know, you’re not going anywhere.”

By this time, I was having a hard time ‘reading’ him, so I bluntly asked, “Are you fucking with me????” He gaffawed and
proceeded to tell me that my contract was going to be renewed for another year.  The expression on my face MUST have been
priceless, to say the least.  Here I am, planning to leave the working world in less than a month, to travel up a
mountain range, open ended afterwards.. the best way (for now) to explain it would be to envision stacks of photo albums
stacked on a coffee table, imagine how nice they look stacked up, seven and eight high, probably totaling somewhere in
the 20s.. ready to be flipped through, a story for each of photos inside, ones with sorrow, ones with glee and others
vainfully trying to capture bliss in it’s purest form.  Stories of friends met, knowing what’s up with them now, stories
of places visited, wildlife encounters, and more shots that can hardly be explained, but more to be experienced.  Got it,
have that concept, that image?

Now throw it all away!!  It doesn’t exist!  Gone, in an instant!  I call it my dream ‘stroke.’

I ended up deciding that now was not the time to be burning bridges, so I acknowledged the contract renewal.  Sigh.

one of the funniest things….

happened tonight..

You know you’re having a bad day when all you wanted was a House Cricket snack, and you get stuck on the sticky paper that captured them!

at least he got to eat!

That’s not where the story ends.. since Tara seemed extremely afraid of a small creature STUCK to a “Catchmaster” […]

I FINALLY recieved my pocketmail device the other day and was excited to get it up and running so that I could get all the info I needed entered into it asap. To my dismay, this is what I was sent.

What is that line on the bottom????? ARGH! No luck for me. Looks […]

Happy Birthday Baylee!!!

It’s your birthday.. I hope your bipedial mom makes it a good one!!

Now that you are three,.. err.. 21, going out for a drink????

Welcome Sasha!!!

Welcome to the world of Blogging Sasha! Hopefully you will find how boring and crazy people are in this environment… especially the retards (don’t worry, I am not offending retards… they are retards, they don’t even realize that I am talking about them). Anyway, welcome and post your heart out.


Here’s sasha working […]

house work started

I finally started tearing up my house… finally. I really wished I had started this process a year ago. I really wish I had.. it would have made my life much easier than it is now.. rushing around trying to get everything done before I leave for the trail. What sucks more (but doesn’t surprise […]

Home Depot delivery..

Yeaaaa, my Home Depot delivery was made today… guess this means I have to wreck my house now.. More work for me and not much time to do it. Yikes. Thankfully I have a friend that is going to come over to help. Excellent…


and the work goes on..

finished up ripping down that god awful wood paneling from the 70’s. Thankfully I quickly mastered how to remove this flimsy crap without having to break too much of it. Now, as soon as Johnny gets here, it’ll be a cinch to put up drywall… oh yeah, AFTER I put up missing insulation. Now I […]